When you meet and inquire about making this world a better, healthier place, you’d better have a deck chair because you may be moved to sit and stay awhile . . .


Graham Pierce

Incredibly happy, gracious first generation Irish American – by default a gifted storyteller.  Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland and the beautiful garden county of Wicklow. Graham’s deep admiration and appreciation of the natural world is demonstrated in many ways including: avid bee keeper, hunter and fisherman, wood worker (really, all things construction crafty), caprine medicine practitioner and habitat restorer. A deep belief in putting back more than we take, ensuring the survival of all species.

A lifetime passionately spent enhancing medical care standards worldwide and advanced certification for critical care medicine through the formation of the International Board for Specialty Certification. Decades of volunteer service leading the non-profit, Medical Relief Foundation, with projects administered across the globe from Vladivostok to Nicaragua. Ten years on the Foundation for African Medicine and Education board, and a founding member in Karatu, Tanzania.

Beyond welcoming guests at Ardor Wood Farm, caring for its livestock, and natural fauna and flora, Graham is incredibly committed to his profession at PHI Air Medical.  He lives and breathes the highest safety record of any air medical rescue operator. Priding himself on delivering the best medical care possible.


Karen Knight

Growing up in Midland, Michigan, home to Dow Chemical, with a biologist mother and chemist father, Karen developed a zeal for nature and care for the world. She dedicated her life after college and a Boston/Chicago professional career to raising three incredible daughters in Austin. Once firmly planted in Texas, Karen adopted a biomimicry philosophy and biophilic approach. Solutions to necessary systems change can be found in the natural world and humans are inextricably, lovingly connected.  

Karen is an Ambassador for the Living Building Challenge.  She shares insights and inspiration with local architects and building trades on how to build in ways that integrate functionality, beautifully, with a deep sense of place.  LBC projects promote collaborative, innovative teams that create healthier, equitable spaces.

Currently a summer student at the European Graduate School in Switzerland, pursuing an EXA master’s degree in Coaching and Consulting. She is a certified Veriditas Labyrinth facilitator and trained practitioner of Creative AlchemyTM.  Karen consults on programs of self-exploration and restoration that promote new discovery and growth for individuals and teams.


Graham & Karen truly believe in their responsibility to take care of one small, beautiful patch of the world, to the best of their ability. Let’s have revitalizing conversations and create opportunities that grow a world that works for all. Let’s take the time to disconnect so that we can reconnect.