Welcome to Ardor Wood Farm

Ardor Wood Farm is our little slice of heaven. We purchased the farm in 2015 and we are working to create an oasis for wildlife, while raising our beautiful Nigerian Dwarf goats. It’s a place where friends, family and nature can all live together in harmony. We work together with the National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) on projects to improve the land and wildlife including:

  • Planting nitrogen producing cover crops in the meadows with a goal to continually improve soil quality to restore native grasslands.
  • Clearing some of the dense Juniper and Yaupon Holly to create habitat for Wild Turkey and Bob White Quail.
  • Building nesting boxes for Barn and Screech Owls to keep rodents and gophers in natural balance.
  • Providing nesting boxes for Texas Bluebirds.
  • Building adequate rainwater collection systems to conserve water.
  • Providing wildlife water guzzlers around the property to naturally provide water sources for all wildlife during hot Texas summers.

Here at Ardor Wood Farm, we believe in farming without pesticides and insecticides. We want to connect with the food we eat and know that Roundup has no part in our food. We know most of the solutions to our problems can be found in nature.

In this place we want to create THRIVING diverse habitats because we live here. To learn from the self HEALING nature of flora and fauna. To share the RESPONSIBILITY to care for one another, and to grow our deep APPRECIATION for the awe inspiring beauty of this earth.